Picasso Dali Exhibition at St. Pete museum

The exhibition is over, now is traveling to Barcelona to Picasso museum. I went to the exhibition twice – once with our friends, and yesterday with my husband. It worth to visit it more than once. It included rarely seen works of Picasso and works of Dali that have never been exhibited in this museum’s walls. It was a great idea to get a membership with unlimited visits for a year. We’ve got a dual – for my husband and myself. Considering a number of friends visiting us it was a smart move. Anyways, back to exhibition. I should admit that it was done very well. Paintings with similar ideas and techniques were exhibited side by side so you could see the similarity in styles, subjects, even color pallet. You can clearly see the influences of the art movements affected the artists at certain time frames. Picasso invented Cubism with George Braque that has a huge influence on generations of painters, Dali included. Also, both belonged to Surrealist group in Paris. It is so fascinating to see the development of style, personalities, growing mastering of their talents. Both admired Velasquez and created a number of paintings based on his work like Infanta Margarita – in Picasso interpretation contract colors and almost straight lines while in Dali it is almost dissolved atomic image. It was so inspiring to see artworks of those two giants who shared their Spanish heritage although having huge differences in the views on the art, politics, war. Great exhibition, new experience for me.

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