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Are you afraid of starting new painting?

Yes, most of the times I am. Making art is so complicated process starting far beyond that moment when I am taking the canvas and make first stroke or line. Many times the moment to start a new painting is such a torture; I almost feel a physical pain. Especially, if it is a long gap at work. When it happened, the break in work, it takes me a long time to get back in the state when I can even touch my pallet knife or brushes. Some artists call it a fear of the white sheet. You never know what you will create, how much pain and happiness you will gain making this work. And how much satisfaction or frustration it will bring. Some of my friends, not artists, said to me that it is probably such a fun to make painting. Yea, it is a fun in a way, but first of all it is a work, fighting, love, excitement, frustration, uncertainty, happiness, and another thousand emotions and feelings blended together. But I do it because I can not NOT doing it. Like one of my closest artist friend says – it is a heavy cross that we have a privilege to carry.

Picasso Dali Exhibition at St. Pete museum

The exhibition is over, now is traveling to Barcelona to Picasso museum. I went to the exhibition twice – once with our friends, and yesterday with my husband. It worth to visit it more than once. It included rarely seen works of Picasso and works of Dali that have never been exhibited in this museum’s walls. It was a great idea to get a membership with unlimited visits for a year. We’ve got a dual – for my husband and myself. Considering a number of friends visiting us it was a smart move. Anyways, back to exhibition. I should admit that it was done very well. Paintings with similar ideas and techniques were exhibited side by side so you could see the similarity in styles, subjects, even color pallet. You can clearly see the influences of the art movements affected the artists at certain time frames. Picasso invented Cubism with George Braque that has a huge influence on generations of painters, Dali included. Also, both belonged to Surrealist group in Paris. It is so fascinating to see the development of style, personalities, growing mastering of their talents. Both admired Velasquez and created a number of paintings based on his work like Infanta Margarita – in Picasso interpretation contract colors and almost straight lines while in Dali it is almost dissolved atomic image. It was so inspiring to see artworks of those two giants who shared their Spanish heritage although having huge differences in the views on the art, politics, war. Great exhibition, new experience for me.

Sedona, colors and freedom spirit

I love to experiment, try new things, new career, new materials, new hobbies. I was painting with acrylic trying different styles and techniques – impressionist-style, graphics, abstracts, whimsical,  landscapes, lifestyles, etc. I was working with brush, pallet knife, sponge, did pouring, texturing, gold leaves. Than I felt in love with mixed media, the heavy texture, endless row of materials from paper to stones, liquid acrylic, gold leaves again. I was browsing internet and at some point found absolutely amazing images of Jan Sitts works. I loved her colors, freedom, spontaneity, energy jumping into you from her paintings.  Right away I new that I have to meet her, learn from her. I went to Sedona, Arizona where she was giving a painting workshop. Four days went  as one blink. It was such fun and exploring new techniques, layering and layering, experimenting with colors, see how materials, textures and paintings are play off one another. It was absolutely unforgettable experience. On top of everything it was a Sedona itself, one of the most amazing places I’ve been to. It said that Sedona has special spiritual vibe, and it is really so. It is hart to explain but you can feel something when you get to this small town surrounded by Red Rocks. Art is in the air there. Art galleries there are full with beautiful bright South West style art works – paintings, sculptures, curved wood and stones. I hope to go there again for the inspiration and spirit of freedom and beauty.    

StoneFlowers (1) Sedona 2010 061 Sedona 2010 060 Sedona 2010 007 DSCN2709 017

Florida winter

This is my first entire winter in Florida. I moved to Clearwater last February, to be exact, February 28th. After cold Canadian winter it was a paradise.  Although, some people might be surprised to find paradise can get uncomfortably chilly in the winter months it is a perfect for me. This winter is considered by locals unusual cold, some 60+ F at the day time and could be in low 50 at night. But I love it! It is always, ok, almost always, sunny with rear exceptions. I cannot stop be amazed by bright colors around me – everything is green, blue, purple. Strawberry’s pick-up at January! Can you believe it? Sometimes I have to pinch myself. Even if it is no beach time for swimming and tanning but perfect beach time for walking and sunbathing. Although, beach walk is not enough to get over desperately unhealthy Christmas and other holidays of red wine, cheese, rich tasty food. Time to change the diet and get back to fitness that I have ignored for last good five month. getting a personal trainer and then actually going to the place every, single, day. I do not believe I do it but I should be ready for a new swim suit!!! Ok, I will go there every other day :) Now, sitting

at my condo, listening to the gulf waves I feel happy and inspired. Time to get up and do some painting, or sketches, at least…

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